I do make more sophisticated wines too

That’s right. Here’s five gallons of Dragon Blood I just racked to secondary:

Five gallon carboy capped with airlock and filled with wine
Our basement is the perfect place for winemaking.

I’ll add preservatives and a clearing agent this evening after taking the girls out to eat. After that, it will sit undisturbed from one to four weeks before bottling and aging for 1-3 months.

Dragon Blood was developed by “Danger Dave” as a quick fermenting and clearing wine based off of the famous and fun “Skeeter Pee” wine recipe. He shared the recipe on the Winemaking Talk forum in 2013, and it has been beloved by home winemakers since.

The ingredients cost me around $42 to finish with about 4.75 gallons. That’s $2.21 per bottle of wine–not bad when you consider the time spent making it as an enjoyable hobby and not work!

And it tastes great too.


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