Rural Living Manifesto

This page is intended to be dynamic. As thoughts on the matter come to me, I’ll add them here.

The joy we’ve discovered in getting more out of less is life-changing. Satisfaction, freedom, delight–those are a few of the words I’d use to describe the fruits of living a simpler life.

We’re not always living simply, but we are always simplifying. It’s a process, a journey, a lifestyle change–it’s not a destination or a goal that is achieved then moved on from.

Rural living is not just about being away from concrete jungles, traffic so dense it takes 20 minutes to go two miles, or being the only person within shouting distance. No, it’s about getting away from the disadvantages of modernization and having some space to take some time, work with your hands, eat fresh food, and appreciate a wild backyard.

Modern technology and human community are great. Relying too much on the internet and having no space is not. Constant connectedness is not. We need to disconnect. We need to wiggle our bare toes in the grass. We need to hear nothing but nature from time-to-time. More often than an annual vacation or thrice yearly weekend getaway allows.

Simplifying is learning how to do things yourself even though you don’t necessarily have to. Practically, one day you might have to. But we don’t simplify just for the sake of self-sufficiency. Striving for self-sufficiency for its own sake is not a virtue; it’s a vice, just like modern technology used properly is virtuous. Moderating the move toward self-sufficiency is virtuous.